Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization

2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2014

Tantallon Public Library from 7 pm to 9 pm

Present: 35 people in attendance (list available on request).


1. General welcome and introductions

2. Approval of the March 13, 2013 Minutes

3. Approval of Reports

a. Chairs' report – Richmond Campbell and Nanci Lee

b. Treasurer's report – Rob McMahon

4. Election of New Board

5. Youth and Family Engagement led by Nanci Lee

6. AOB

7. Adjournment

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

1. Welcome: Co-Chair Richmond Campbell welcomed Councillor Reg Rankin. He also welcomed members from sister groups; Cathy Klefenz, Lindsay Gates, Tom Musial, Harvey Ward, Geoff LeBoutilier and Jim Cawardine.

2. Approval of Agenda: Moved by Geoff LeBoutlier, seconded by Jessi Fillmore. CARRIED

3. Approval of Minutes: Moved by Sue Sherwin and seconded by Jim Muir. CARRIED

3A. Co-Chairs Report: Co-Chair Richmond Campbell explained that the Committee refined 4 strategic priorities (see attached). He pointed out that the goal to develop a management plan has been achieved. He thanked Bob Chambers who has done much of the water quality work that needs to be continued and that we have now combined forces with the St. Margaret”s Bay Stewardship Association. Youth Engagement is a priority and theme of this year's AGM (Family and Youth Engagement). Richmond also thank sister groups and HRM for financial support. He also thanked the provincial Department of Health and Wellness and Councilor Rankin for continuing support. Richmond Campbell moved acceptance of the Co-Chairs report, seconded by Catherine Klefenz. CARRIED.

3B. Treasurer's Report: Robert McMahon reviewed the highlights in the report and stated the net asset balance at the end of the year is $9,324. Funding was received from memberships (7%), HRM (70%) and the province (22%). Rob McMahon moved acceptance of the Treasurer's report, seconded by Hildi Konok. CARRIED

4. Election of New Board: Richmond Campbell reminded members present about the “Important Projects successfully undertaken 1995-2014” as an indication of the work undertaken by the organization. Nominations are for the 2014/15 Board. Correction to Diana's name “Jelizzkova”. Richmond thanked Barbara Klass for her work as secretary for many years. He also thanked Rob McMahon who is also seppting down after many years. Lynn Kovan has offered to fulfill the duties of Secretary and Joan Richdale has offered to serve as Treasurer. Additional names; Paul Berry, Tim McGee, Linda Moxsom-Skinner, Jessi Fillmore, Diana Jeliazkova, Hildi Konok, Nanci Lee. Richmond stepped down as Co-Chair but will stay on the Board. Jim Cawardine conducted the election with a call for nominations from the floor. David Patriquin and Nanci Lee will serve as co-chairs, Lynn Kovan was acclaimed as secretary, and Joan Richdale was acclaimed as Treasurer.

David Patriquin assumed the position of Co-Chair and presented Richmond with a token of appreciation from the Board. A wonderful book of mementos was presented. A message from Peter Romkey was read. Tom Musial thanked Richmond for his vision, dedication, love for the land and his motivational leadership. Harry Ward, Jim Cawardine, Nanci Lee and Jessi Fillmore also stood to thank Richmond for his dedication to WRWEO. Richmond thanked everyone.

5. Family and Youth Engagement: Nanci Lee and Jessi Fillmore lead the discussion and outlined our new strategic priorities of stewardship and participation in broader coalitions. WRWEO is hoping to create opportunities for families to get out on the trail with a goal to try and find a way for youth to become interested and get involved in the outdoor environment.

A snapshot of the ideas generated at the meeting included:

1. Family Trail Build

2. Famly Hike

3. Canoeing in the Bluff

4. Hike along Woodens River

5. Overnight no -trace camping

6. Geo-Caching clinic

7. Bio-Caching activities

8. Support organizatin of eco-clubs

9. Water quality monitoring – collaboration with other groups.

Jim Cawardine suggested that each organization appoint a person to help identify volunteers for specific projects. Bob Chamber encouraged WRWEO to continue the water quality studies that have been undertaken every 1 – 2 years. Other suggestions for outreach included connecting with the Ecology Action Centre, the Adventure Earth Centre, the Hubley Centre. There was also a discussion around the former fishing derby that used to be held on the Woodens River and a suggestion that a catch and release derby might attract people to the river. The top three priorities identified:

Family Hike



6. Adjournment; David Patriquin moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:40 pm