Abdul Nasser

Director 2020–2023

I am a Mount Saint Vincent University graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Management and a concentration in Economics. I enjoy helping others especially those who are new to the country and might need a hand. My previous volunteering experience include helping newcomers by teaching them English in high school and raising money for charities in Nova Scotia as part of Social Enterprise for a day while in University.

I am a person who enjoys the outdoors and is very passionate about the environment. I have learned the importance of our respecting our environment from a very young age. The first 10 years of my life I was raised in a small village that taught me how to grow foods, raise animals and most importantly knowing the importance of our environment and wildlife. When I heard about the opportunity to work with WRWEO I knew I had to get involved immediately. I am very excited be able to join WRWEO and look forward to getting out there on the bluff trail as soon as possible.