Canoe access and portage routes

Cranberry Lake – access to the 2nd loop / Blue Loop: Mi’qmaw Hill Loop (formerly Indian Hill Loop)

You can “put in” on Cranberry Lake at the trail-head (parking your vehicle in The Bluff Trail Parking Lot on the Bay Road) and portage your canoe from the parking lot to Cranberry Lake. You can paddle to the second loop at the south end of Cranberry Lake.

Frederick Lake – access to the 3rd loop, Red Loop: The Bluff Loop

To gain public access to Frederick Lake is more complicated. The best way is to drive into Lake of the Woods on Silver Birch Drive until you come to house number 199 on the right. On the left hand side of the road is a telephone pole and 20 feet to the right is a small ravine running perpendicular to the road down to Black Point Lake run. Just to the right of that ravine, is a well used path that goes about 100 meters to Black Point Lake run. Then you go to the right along the ‘run’ to Frederick Lake. The path to the run is well used but will be a little challenging the harder part will be portaging along the run to Frederick Lake.

Big Hubley Lake access to the 4th loop, Orange Loop: Hay Marsh Loop

Put in on Hubley Big Lake at the end of Hubley Big Lake Road (where Birch Hill Lake feeds into Hubley Big Lake).

Check out this google map with all the access points and portages input as points or GPS routes.

We discourage camping on the Bluff Trail but, if you must camp, please leave no trace that you have been there!