Diana Jeliazkova

My name is Diana, and I have been on the WRWEO board for the past three years. I have been living and working in Halifax since 2007, and it was shortly after I moved here that I discovered the Bluff Trail by accident.a2-f6-m70854-ii_ied2hahe0_14fb32d54688f57a I loved it immediately. At first I only hiked the first one or two loops but then I started exploring further and have now hiked all four loops and enjoyed swimming in almost all lakes along the way. I love introducing friends to the Bluff Trail, and watching them enjoy its beauty as much as I do.

I joined the board on a whim, when I attended an AGM a few years ago. I was inspired by the love and dedication that everyone at the meeting expressed towards this land, and I wanted to do something to contribute to its stewardship. Although I enjoy hiking and camping in many different places in Nova Scotia, the area around the Bluff Trail remains very dear to my heart. I hope to do my part in helping WRWEO care for the land, so that many more people can enjoy it for many years to come.