Paul Berry

Chair and Treasurer 2018-2022, Co-Chair and Treasurer 2017-2018, Treasurer 2016-2017, 2015-2016, Secretary 2007 – 2008, Chair 2006-2007, Director 2006 – present

I have been involved with WRWEO since I returned to Nova Scotia from Ontario in 2005. Over the past few years I have been WRWEO’s Chair/Co-Chair, treasurer and representative on the Halifax Regional Trail Association (HRTA). WRWEO obtains a large proportion of its funding from Halifax as well as from the Province of Nova Scotia. As the Vice Chair of HRTA i also sit on the Active Transportation Advisory Committee for the city of Halifax.

I am excited about our fourth year with the Bluff Trail Stewardship Program and I hope it continues to address the Harmful Human Impacts that we have seen on the trail. In particular the summer student program has been a great help to the program – through Canada’s federal government program we have been able to hire four summer students who spend time on the trail – engaging trail users in leave no trace principles, remediating human harms, and stewarding the trail under the direction of our stewardship coordinator Mike Lancaster.

I love being outdoors and on the trail. When I first returned to Nova Scotia I was interested in paddling but soon discovered that that involved more portaging than paddling.

I am trained as a lawyer and work full-time with the federal government.