Raelene Fewer

Director 2022-2023

Growing up in Labrador, I spent much of my childhood exploring in the woods, observing insects and playing with my favorite Christmas gift ever, a microscope set. This has been the base for my love of nature and my passion for science.

I have studied Environmental Engineering Technology at NSCC, and I am currently studying Environment, Sustainability and Society and Environmental Science at Dalhousie University. I am on the Research and Community Outreach team with Helping Nature Heal, an ecological restoration company specializing in Living Shorelines, where I help build curriculum and programs to teach skills to help landowners slow erosion on their properties, while protecting habitat and biodiversity.

Since moving here in 2013, I soon found the Bluff Trail and it has become a favorite hiking area for me ever since. I love the challenge of the trails, and the rugged beauty. I am proud to be a part of this organization to help preserve and protect this wild area for everyone to enjoy and grow their sense of love for the natural world.