Board of Directors

2017 – 2018

Ben Armstrong (Co-Secretary)
Paul Berry (Co-Chair, Treasurer)
Marine Gemeda
Jayden Gross
Danielle Marchand (Co-Secretary)
Dave Patriquin
Rob Williams (Co-Chair)

We would like to acknowledge the following outgoing board members and thank them for their service.

Tim McGee has been a WRWEO member since the early days of the organization and served for many years as a Director on the board. Tim has always been passionate about seeing WRWEO achieve good things for the community and most recently was the driving force behind The Bluff Trail Fall Foliage Photo Contest of 2015.

Diana Jeliazkova joined the board as a Director in 2013, stepped into the role of Secretary in 2015, and continued to serve up until she moved in 2016. We were sorry to see her go, but wish her great success as she begins a new chapter of her life in British Columbia.

David Johnson served as a Director in 2016-2017. His passion for angling and maintaining healthy fish habitat within the Woodens River Watershed was a welcome contribution to the board.

Kimberly Berry takes a hiatus this year after serving as Co-Chair in 2015-2016 and Chair in 2016-2017. It would be hard to enumerate all of the things she has done for WRWEO, the highlight of which was spearheading the creation of the Bluff Trail Stewardship Program (BTSP) last year.

2016 – 2017

Ben Armstrong
Kimberly Berry (Chair)
Paul Berry (Treasurer)
Diana Jeliazkova (Secretary)
David Johnson
Tim McGee
Dave Patriquin
Rob Williams

Retiring: Our thanks to Moe Abdo (who worked on our information systems and Excel spreadsheets); Hildi Konok (who has been a key board member since the beginning of WRWEO); Nanci Lee (who brought us Poetry in the Bluff, led WRWEO in developing its strategic direction, represented WRWEO at numerous meetings, and was Co-chair for three years) ; Linda Moxom-Skinner (a board member for two years); and Troy Nauffts (who was an honorary board member last year).

Iain Rankin made a resolution on May 11, 2016 that is recorded in Hansard recognising the outgoing board members of WRWEO.


2015 – 2016

Moe Abdo
Kimberly Berry (Co-chair)
Paul Berry (Treasurer)
Diana Jeliazkova (Secretary)
Hildi Konok
Nanci Lee (Co-chair)
Tim McGee
Linda Moxom-Skinner
Troy Nauffts
Dave Patriquin

Retiring: Our thanks to Rich Campbell, who was one of the founding members of WRWEO in 1995, and had served as Chair or Co-Chair for its first 19 years, Lynne Kovan (who had served as Secretary), Joan Warren (who had served as treasurer). Thanks also to Jim Muir, who has been a board member at least 10 years, had great interest in learning about river system, and did a lot of repair work on the trail and attended many HRTA meetings.