New Website

This is the Home Page for WRWEO’s new website. We are still doing some editing but most of the content from the old site has been copied onto this site.

This website is constructed on WordPress, a popular blogging tool. This will enable more of our volunteers to contribute posts directly to the website, edit pages etc. (The old website required more technical expertise to manage.) The design is similar with regular posts on the home page (as in a blog) and other pages providing information about WRWEO and The Bluff Trail.

We are not including comment boxes on any of these pages as the experience of the editor with other WordPress sites is one of a plethora of scam posts.

We do encourage comments, however, and submission of links to photos, articles, and items for posts. Please send those directly to us via

The older “posts” (on the old site under the heading What’s Up) have not been moved to this site. They can still be viewed at You will need to enter a username and password to access it. These are oldsite and oldsite2014 respectively.

Thanks for dropping by!

– David P

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