Become a trail warden

The Halifax Regional Trails Association (HRTA) is holding a Training Workshop for Trail Patrol Wardens on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at the Lakeside Community Centre, 1942 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Lakeside beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Work as a volunteer Trail Patrol Warden provides an opportunity to become an ambassador of goodwill while you use your local trail for your own health, wellness, and enjoyment. Wearing a brightly coloured vest takes no extra effort, and greeting other trail users is an enjoyable experience.

Wardens provide a variety of benefits to trail users. More specifically, they provide

  • an active “trail watch” program,
  • reassurance to other trail users by their visible presence,
  • a positive example of volunteerism in their community,
  • friendly conversation with other trail users,
  • information about trail etiquette, rules, laws, and safe practices,
  • information about distances, travel times, and access to amenities,
  • reports on issues on the trail that require attention,
  • communication with with enforcement officials if required,
  • excellent public relations for their sponsoring organization,
  • opportunities to recruit other volunteers,
  • assistance with event management,
  • occasional assistance with mechanical breakdowns, and
  • occasional first aid if required.

To become a trail warden, you must

  • be nominated by a member organization of HRTA,
  • be of good character,
  • be willing to spend time on your trail on a reasonably regular basis,
  • complete a training workshop, and
  • be certified.

For further information, or to put forward your name as a candidate for the December 2 workshop, please contact Tom Musial, BLT R2T Association,

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