Bluff Trail Stewardship Program – Update and Monthly Reports

Thanks to all donors for your support of the Bluff Trail Stewardship Program (BTSP). Your donations are really helping us make a difference – of the first 212 days of the BTSP (January 1 to July 31, 2017) we have had trail stewards on trail for 56 of those days (26%), and they have spent 830 hours on trail.
Our Stewardship Coordinator, Mike Lancaster, and Stewardship Assistant, Fiona Brooks, deserve lots of kudos and have trained 26 volunteer stewards to date. That has allowed us to talk to over 607 people about how they can help protect the Bluff Trail and steward it into the future. It has also helped us remediate and repair the trail by building barriers to trail spurs and braids, hardening the trail with found stone, remediating fire pits, and inspecting our Leave-No-Trace educational sites. 
I also want to thank Kimberly Berry, a WRWEO volunteer, who is the WRWEO Board’s liaison with the BTSP and has dedicated a lot of time to raising funds and ensuring the success of the BTSP.
Below are the monthly reports summarizing the BTSP activities and results:

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