Profile of the Trails Movement in Nova Scotia

“Representatives of NS Trails and the Provincial Government have been meeting since 2013 as part of the Trail Strategy Working Group (TSWG). The TSWG has researched and chosen a process to develop the Strategy and has written a Profile of the Trails Movement in Nova Scotia, a background document to inform discussions regarding development of the Strategy. This profile provides a snapshot of where the trails movement in Nova Scotia is currently. We are excited to finally be at a place where we can begin to develop the strategy with your help…The next opportunity to contribute to the development of a Trails Strategy for Nova Scotia is to attend a regional engagement session in your area.” These sessions took place from April 13 to April 23rd, 2015.

WRWEO AGM will celebrate 20 years

springWednesday April 1st 2015, 6pm at Tantallon Public Library.

This AGM this is a special one. We will

  • celebrate WRWEO’s 20th Anniversary;
  • report on our business conducted during the year
  • select a new slate of Directors
  • vote on a Special Resolution to accept a revision of the WRWEO By-Laws

Please Share Your Thoughts:

As Part of our anniversary celebrations Nanci Lee (WRWEO Co-Chair and Poet) is asking members and friends of WRWEO to share their thoughts/comments/memories/poetic insights of the Woodens River, the watershed area, and/or the Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail. Nanci plans to compose a found poem using the words that you share. You can send your thoughts to:

Sunday Hunting on The Bluff Trail?

hunting vestDNR is considering making hunting legal on Sundays in Nova Scotia. This would mean that during deer season, for example, hunting with high powered rifles would be legal on The Bluff Hiking Trail on Sundays. If you have a contrary opinion DNR wants to know. Please use the link below to register your opinion before April 10.
“The Department of Natural Resources wants to know how you feel about lifting the ban Sunday hunting. This consultation will inform the department in ensuring the best approach around Sunday hunting in Nova Scotia.
Comments and submissions will be accepted until mid-night, Friday, April 10, 2015. Go to the link for more info and a questionnaire.

WRWEO appeals to Environment Minister to reject landfill changes

landfillWRWEO Co-Chairs have written Minister of Environment, Randy Delorey, to direct his attention specifically to the impact of increasing the cellheight on the viability of The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail as a wilderness recreation for the citizens of Nova Scotia and its many visitors. They request the Minister “on behalf of all the citizens of the Province who love this trail for the wilderness experience it affords and the environmental values it represents, to reject the application from HRM Regional Council to remove the cover of one of the completed and stabilized cells at Otter Lake Landfill and begin adding materials that would Continue reading “WRWEO appeals to Environment Minister to reject landfill changes”

Tues. Jan 20 Town Hall on Daylighting the Sawmill River

January 20 at 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Mic Mac AAC, 192 Prince Albert Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 1M8

“In the coming years, the extent of land between Sullivan’s Pond and the Halifax Harbour will experience significant changes.
Water infrastructure projects and intersection upgrades are planned for this area in Dartmouth, as well as restoration works on historical canal features. In the midst of these projects, our community has the unique opportunity to bring water and nature back to the heart of the city by daylighting the historic Sawmill River. The purpose of this Public Information Meeting is to allow interested residents to gain an understanding of the future possibilities. The meeting is hosted by Dartmouth – Cole Harbour Member of Parliament Robert Chisholm in collaboration with the Ecology Action Centre and the Sackville Rivers Association. For more information or if you have accessibility accommodation needs, please email or call 902-462-6453.” To learn more about daylighting the Sawmill River, visit:

ATV use near The Bluff Trail

ATV tracks on The Bluff Trail on the  west side of Pot lake on the first loop, Jan 10, 2015
ATV tracks on The Bluff Trail on the west side of Pot lake on the first loop, Jan 10, 2015
On Jan 10, 2015, one of our members noted some ATV use on The Bluff Trail on the west side of Pot Lake on the first loop. It likely entered via the Highway 103 area. Use of motorized vehicles is prohibited on The Bluff Trail and in the in the larger Five Bridge Lakes Protected Wilderness Area under the Wilderness Protection Act of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Government Pressured to Adopt Doelle-Lahey Regulatory Framework

More than 400 attended rally at Lord Nelson in support of Doelle Lahey report which would strengthen controls of open net salmon farming. Photo by Matt Miller
More than 400 attended rally at Lord Nelson in support of Doelle Lahey report which would strengthen controls of open net salmon farming. Photo by Matt Miller
“Nearly two years after banding together, 36 member groups of the coalition against open pen finfish aquaculture in Nova Scotia were back today at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax. The groups, which range from ‘Big Lobster’ interests to sport fishing interests, to tiny coastal community networks, braved the abnormally frigid Atlantic temperatures to celebrate the recommendations put forward by the Doelle-Lahey regulatory framework.” See the Halifax Media Coop report