New Murals on BLT overpass

Mural by Blackbook Collective Art and Clothing
Murals by Blackbook Collective Art and Clothing. (Photo by David P)
Bluff Trail hikers would not have missed the magnificent new murals on the highway 103 overpass as you approach the trailhead for The Bluff Trail. From the BLT newsletter: “Some of you may have noticed something new on the trail ­ a beautiful new mural on the highway 103 overpass. How did this project come about? Continue reading New Murals on BLT overpass


Micou’s Island Trail Stewardship Day

Our friends and neighbours at St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association are holding a stewardship day for Micou’s Island Trail on Saturday, January 23rd, from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm. If you’ve been eager to do some volunteer work on one of our region’s trails, then don your work clothes, grab your tools, and get over there to help!

Micou's Island

Hi folks!

Mike Lancaster from the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association here. I hope that your 2016 has got off to a good start!

In the coming year we will be establishing some new trails as well as adjusting some existing ones. The reasoning behind this shift is to reduce the impact of erosion along the edges of Micou’s Island and to direct the trail away from some more sensitive features of the island’s ecology and cultural history.

As the wind and water scoop out more and more of Micou’s shoreline the island’s circumnavigation trail gets closer to this edge. Those of you who have been walking it for years know first-hand just how quick this process is! Therefore, we would like to do what we can to mitigate our human impact on the acceleration of this force.

This Stewardship activity will take place on Saturday, January 23rd from 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

Please bring:

  • weather appropriate clothing and PPE
  • sturdy gloves hand shears/pruners
  • pruning/hand saws
  • bow saws

Hope to see you on island!


Mike Lancaster
Island Stewardship Coordinator
St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association


Landfill height will NOT increase

WRWEO/The Bluff Trail folks have expressed concerns about the proposal to lengthen the life of the Otter lake Landfill but increasing the height of the cells by 15 m. Apparently HRM has now withdrawn the application to the NS dept of Environment for permission to increase the height after a new assessment indicated the life of the landfill can still be extended without increasing the height.

“…Halifax regional council has approved a new waste management agreement for the Otter Lake landfill, but there are scant public details on the amended deal.

“…What is known is that the new terms will allow the city to pull its application with the Nova Scotia Environment Department for a 140,000-tonne vertical expansion of Cell 6 of the facility. The municipality had looked at opening up the sealed-off garbage cell in order to increase its height by up to 15 metres.
Continue reading Landfill height will NOT increase


Your Fall Foliage Contest winners

Ed. Apologies to Willard Larkin, the first and fifth place winner, whose pictures were misattributed, and now have been correctly attributed to him.

The votes are in, and the Bluff Trail Fall Foliage Contest is over! Thanks, everyone, for participating: entrants, judges, and donors alike, and especially to Tim McGee for organizing the event. The top three winners and their photos are as follows:

Nature is ... the ultimate artist, by Willard Larkin
Nature is … the ultimate artist, by Willard Larkin
Untitled, by Henry Rojo
Untitled, by Henry Rojo
Rhodora and Granite, by Mimmi Henriksen (at Cranberry Lake)
Rhodora and Granite, by Mimmi Henriksen (at Cranberry Lake)

See the Contest page for the complete list of winners, the winning photos, and the prizes they received.


Become a trail warden

The Halifax Regional Trails Association (HRTA) is holding a Training Workshop for Trail Patrol Wardens on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at the Lakeside Community Centre, 1942 St. Margaret’s Bay Road, Lakeside beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Work as a volunteer Trail Patrol Warden provides an opportunity to become an ambassador of goodwill while you use your local trail for your own health, wellness, and enjoyment. Wearing a brightly coloured vest takes no extra effort, and greeting other trail users is an enjoyable experience.

Wardens provide a variety of benefits to trail users. More specifically, they provide

  • an active “trail watch” program,
  • reassurance to other trail users by their visible presence,
  • a positive example of volunteerism in their community,
  • friendly conversation with other trail users,
  • information about trail etiquette, rules, laws, and safe practices,
  • information about distances, travel times, and access to amenities,
  • reports on issues on the trail that require attention,
  • communication with with enforcement officials if required,
  • excellent public relations for their sponsoring organization,
  • opportunities to recruit other volunteers,
  • assistance with event management,
  • occasional assistance with mechanical breakdowns, and
  • occasional first aid if required.

To become a trail warden, you must

  • be nominated by a member organization of HRTA,
  • be of good character,
  • be willing to spend time on your trail on a reasonably regular basis,
  • complete a training workshop, and
  • be certified.

For further information, or to put forward your name as a candidate for the December 2 workshop, please contact Tom Musial, BLT R2T Association,


Time for Hunter Orange

RC is Hard to mistake for a deer
‘Hard to mistake for a deer
Deer hunting season began Friday October 30th. The season always begins on the last Friday of October and goes to the first Saturday of December, inclusive, excluding Sundays Except the first two (new for 2016), i.e. Nov 1 and Nov 8. Wear hunter orange when you are out on The Bluff Trail and put an orange vest on your dog. Deer hunting is permitted on protected land and that includes the area of The Bluff Trail. Both hikers and hunters should use extra caution during this season. Other types of hunting are permitted for specific periods that extend outside of the deer season. See Hunting Seasons for 2015