Five Bridges Trust Co-Chairs address Landfill Issue

In Dec. 8th letter, Co-chairs Harry Ward and Peter Lund request “Regional Council pay close attention to potential impacts that raising the height of the existing disposal cells could have on the protected wilderness area, particularly from:Blowing litter, odours, visibility and nuisance noise (particularly from trucks backing up).”

They also note: “Potential impacts to Nine Mile River is also an important concern, particularly considering increased development pressures within the headwater watershed lands of the Nine Mile River north of HWY 103, including residential subdivisions of Kingswood and Haliburton subdivisions who have aging septic systems, Lakeside Industrial Park, subdivisions in Timberlea, Halifax Water sewage treatment plant (situated adjacent Nine Mile River) and two pumping stations (one situated next to the Nine Mile River and the other situated next to Governor Lake which flows into the Nine Mile River) and the new Brunello Estates golf course and associated residential community and commercial development.”

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