Thurs Jan 8 at Noon: Panel on Aquaculture Regulations

WRWEO received a Special Invitation: Please make plans to attend : A Press Conference and Rally in support of the Final Report of the Doelle–Lahey Independent Panel on Aquaculture Regulations. It is a ground breaking Report which calls for major regulatory reform of the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia from top to bottom . It is good and must be supported and implemented in its totality without delay .
Where : The Lord Nelson Hotel
When : 12 noon – Thursday, January 8th – one hour in duration

EVERYONE is encouraged to attend to demonstrate widespread public support for strong regulations governing this problematic industry!
Background: On June 4, 2012, the Coalition held its first media conference at the Lord Nelson Hotel to tell the government that its new finfish aquaculture expansion plan was unacceptable and demanded a moratorium on any new open pen salmon feedlots until there was a strategy based on comprehensive science and public consultation in place.
In April, 2013, the government of Nova Scotia responded by declaring a moratorium and appointing an independent expert panel , chaired by Dalhousie Law professors Meinhard Doelle and Bill Lahey , to consult with the public and carry out a comprehensive regulatory review.
In December, 2014, the Doelle-Lahey recommendations were made public.
On January 8th, 2015 ACAR Nova Scotia will provide it’s response to government and the media