Re: Exclusion of the Chebucto Peninsula from the Core Habitat in the 2021 Moose Recovery Plan

In March 2022 WRWEO, the Five Bridges Heritage Trust and the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association wrote to the Honourable Minister of Natural Resources Tory Rushton asking him and the department to reconsider the exclusion of the Chebucto peninsula from the Core Habitat in the 2021 Moose Recovery Plan.

See our letter here: Letter to Minister Chebucto Peninsula Moose Recovery

See the Minister’s response here: Response letter from Minister Chebucto Peninsula Moose Recovery

We were disappointed by the response but will continue our efforts to obtain more detail on the use of the Chebucto Peninsula and the adjacent area of NS mainland that is still included as Core Habitat, on the movement of moose between these areas, as well as to promote public awareness of this population and of the need to increase connectivity for a wide range of species

Background documents:

The Chebucto Peninsula & the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area (FBLWA)

Moose & Wildlife Corridors 1

Extracts from the Halifax Green Network Plan addressing connectivity issues related to the Chebucto Peninsula

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